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Posted by Cricket on 02/23/02 - 14:51:48
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& so it's true that to jam, you've gotta think "outside the box" !

The sounds ARE pretty amazing.  The little guy last night definitely was a percussionist, but one hot night last summer when I slept with the door open (just a screen), I woke at @ 4 a.m., disoriented & hearing what I thought were sounds of people laughing & talking in some strange language just outside... I got up & saw this furry mass tossing around on the stairs to the side of my deck.  Once I put on my glasses, I discovered it was 3 probably adolescent raccoons, wrestling & nipping at each other & rolling around like kittens.  They even "fell" in that playful heap down to the next step below.   Awfully cute -- but I wasn't trying to hold onto my cookies...

Falling 10-feet may have brought out some latent docility in your father's little friend.  I HAVE heard they can be plenty feisty!


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