Coons...Grace said you could call her

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Posted by Paul 2 Cricket on 02/23/02 - 11:41:35
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     In quest for the answer to your coon quandary
I called up Grace who is quite the coon fancier and asked her about your question
     She allowed as to how they are quite the intelligent and warlike animals, when necessary...
She advised that there are two possible answers, depending...
if you've fed any of them before or left food outside for animals, the beast is back
asking for more
If not, they're likely looking at you and saying,
"What the fk are YOU doing here?"

territorial and all that

     We talked about how they get really aggressive when cornered
{Grace said, "So do I...")
so tread carfefully around them
until you make friendly with them
They have semi-opposable thumbs and 'attack' an Orea cookie (Hydrox, in my case) the same way we do

     Grace also said you could call her and talk more about them if you care to

Happy Saturday,

San Francisco

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