But Arstki, he BITES!

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Posted by Cricket on 02/23/02 - 11:14:33
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Otherwise I'd be happy to "grab that little beast and hold onto him."  & Now you tell me he's high maintenance... Purina coon chow?  HA! I'd show him Purina.  (You'd better hope to hell he didn't read Kb's post about the sushi at Merl's bday bash. Then you'll REALLY have -- Oh, let's don't even go there.)  

I guess it must all come down to: How good are his solos?  I heard him last night on a metal 1990 Smith & Hawken watering can, and he & the guys he jammed with toppled a couple of terra cotta pots, which always gets me out of my seat. They rocked! To me, it was more Charlie Parker (short staccato stuff) than Miles et al. (Kevin's list). I'd love to hear him on aluminum trash cans & paint buckets.  Billy Cobham 3/31, Yoshi's -- great!

p.s.  I think you cleared up the mystery about why he stands UPRIGHT on his 2 hind legs... Have you looked at the height-charts by the doors of all those 7-11's?  None of them start low enough to let the clerks describe this particular masked bandit accurately in his full 22-inch pose.  That furry little narcissist!  I bet he's trying to stretch!

Good luck with him & the gig.  I'll do what I can, but if he winds up in jail, I trust his manager will keep posting about what a fine musician he is & how y'all wish him the best of luck on all his new solo projects...

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