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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/23/02 - 10:04:53
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I hated the possums because they use to dig up the front lawn.  They were never nasty like the raccoons but were still a pain in the ass.

Ethel you can disagree with me and hammer me, tell me to go to hell, call me a pain in the ass, or whatever.  That is the nature of debate.  You have your point of view and I have mine.  What you and many other people forget is that everyone agrees, disagrees, and have no opinions at various times.  How little or much you disagree with me is irrelevant.  What matters more than anything else is after the debate is moved on.  You leave that debate in the past and move forward to the next debate, topic, whatever and still be able to get along.

Of course I hold views that are at variance with everyone.  But all of us do with everyone else as well.  If I have an opinion.  I'm going to express it and defend it vigorously.  But I expect the same from others as well.  I only change my point of view when I feel that there is merit to the point brought to my attention.  

Things around here have been quiet lately.  Besides I bet you can't wait for baseball season to begin on April 1.  The A's are going all the way this year!!!

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