Trash talk: whole lotta shaker-ing goin on!

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Posted by Cricket on 02/23/02 - 10:02:55
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I can't stop laughing!  What a wonderful post...

So what Rocky's playing is called a "shaker"?  How apt.  He DOES have an impressive CV -- all quite believable, as are his tales about the latenight drum jams with Ringo (though that bit about hearing him briefly on Revolution #9 doesn't seem like the strongest possible evidence: is there anything you CAN'T hear briefly on R#9?). & How's his eye?  Too bad some of his back-woods behaviors got him into trouble. That seems to happen to so many musicians.

Oh!  Just remembered that funny Otis Redding/Carla Thomas song ("Tramp" -- Maybe we could change that to "Trash"?)...

CARLA:  You know what, Otis?  You're COUNTRY.
OTIS/ROCKY:  That's all right!
CARLA:  You STRAIGHT from the Georgia Woods.

But speaking of trash, you're worrying me, Christogram. I throw away a heap of stuff, including all those credit card offers.  I'll bet YOU picked up the check in that bar -- but if not, did you happen to notice the name on the card Rocky used?

thanks again...

checked out, left in no doubt, to help with poor Rocky's revival..
da dadadadadada  da dadadadadada  da dadadada da dadadada da
oh Rocky boy...

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