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Posted by Christo on 02/23/02 - 07:46:26
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horseless carriages. flying machines...hah!
I said no good would come of it...
I TRIED to tell them...


Mind you - the cities were supposed to be domed over by now - they promised me in the 50s sci-fi books that never lie.
When a politician comes round a knockin on my door I usually ask them about that soon after I ask about the lottery/jury system of government to rid ourselves of professional politicians. (Pull out 400 names from the electoral regiter, pay them damn well for 4 years and let them run the country.
No election expenses
No re-election promises

They dont usually come back


...sorry _ i seem to've drifted...
Cricket - aint the stern the back of a ship? - get back to work, girl!! We'll still be here when yer done :-)

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