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Posted by Eth on 02/23/02 - 01:57:00
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IT MUST BE SPRING!!   warm day or such...because......Ray just called me to the slider and there standing stock still was a GIGANTIC possum.  NO staring---but standing near a LIT room--and stock still for minutes.

IT A WILD NIGHT---put on Van Morrison QUICK!!!!!


And just as I was tryin' to post Michael about Phil---gotta start over.

Kevin---I don't wanna argue with ya----but I could still take exception to a GREAT MANY things you say, for so many little and bigger reasons.
But responses below were OK to me, but I hesitate to discuss them with you.  If I were really honest, I'd just get hammered---and then I'd be a pawn in your game.   Wouldn't I?

Just you know that I have lots of responses I choose not to share with ya.

Goodwill Hunting---Eth

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