Is there a wildlife biologist on-deck?

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Posted by Cricket on 02/23/02 - 00:32:16
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I'm not kidding, I swear:

There is an adult raccoon standing UPRIGHT on two legs, looking in at me right this minute through my bedroom window, and making noises...kind of a snorting sound, but those ridged wooden percussion instruments (don't know the name) that you play by running a stick back and forth over it, like a nail file. (Christo, if you're there... Airto plays these)  The raccoon seems to be staring.   I'm perfectly sober, minding my own business, writing...

Does anyone know why the raccoon is doing this?  (I'm happy to hear speculations, too.  It's very odd to have an animal doing this. Nice, too.  He or she is right at the window...

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