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Posted by Ray[you know who] on 02/22/02 - 21:03:42
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Just some of my own musings on the subject so eloquently stated by my lovely wife Ethel.  I was recently listening to the Sting Cheese Incident doing a jam from this new year's eve.  When it was about half way through I called into Ethel, who was in the office at the time, I believe on A-Deck if memory serves me right.  I told her that I thought that the jam they were performing seemed to me to be to self aware of itself.  Therein lies the problem for me with alot of the so called new wave of jam bands.  To me they seem to be jamming not because they have anything to say that is that musically moving,  but that they feel that by jamming thay are now in the great tradition of past jam bands i.e. Quicksilver, the Dead and to some degree the early Airplane.  
 This has been a pet peeve of mine during the latter years of the Dead from the late 80's until Jerry's passing.  The fan base at these shows were not that interested in the jamming musically, as they more interested in the Dead making music to provide background for the party they seemed to be attending that particular night.
I know that these ramblings may be dismissed by some or even challenged,  but these are my feelings on the matter.

  The great thing about some of the Dead's jams were that in retrospect upon hearing them you could give them names, thereby suggesting that there was a point or idea to that particular jam.

  Well, that about it for me now.  Eth and I are out to the movies tonight to see " In the bedroom"

signing off Ray

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