Selective rejection at Middletown? Most likely confusion

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Posted by Rich on 02/22/02 - 19:37:22
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I walked in the Paramount with a 2'x 8" bag over my shoulder filled with recording equipment, another small case on my belt with a second recorder and camera enclosed and a narrow 2' long box with 15 CD sets in it. They handed me the same red flyer that said no recording devices and cameras. One of the men checking asked me what was in the box only. I told him they were CDs. He advised me that CDs were being sold inside and I simply told him that these were not the same CDs and were not for sale and he let me go right on through. I later heard from other people that they were stopped and told to bring cameras, mic stands, etc. back to their cars.
I did arrive at the theatre in the afternoon and spoke with someone from the Paramount who was standing outside in front of the theatre. I told him I was planning to tape the show and he asked me if I would tape "The Brats" for him until he found out it was a DAT recorder. I guess he had no way to play a DAT tape. This ended up being one of the same guys checking tickets at the door.
In the end, it didn't matter since the board tape came out very unbalanced with loud vocals and low volume for most of the band. Blame me for not recording an additional alternate audience tape since I came prepared to do just that. I was dead center in the 4th row but got lazy and decided against the extra recording at the last minute since I wanted to be free to get up and take photos. This ended up being a big mistake. Several people were taking photos and I saw at least one camcorder in front. There were no objections by theatre personnel until one guy actually got up on the stage to take photos and was asked to get down and back to the area between the first row and the stage. Apparently some personnel were aware that recording and photos were permitted and some were not. This confusion is not unusual and occurs at many venues, especially when their standard policy prohibits cameras and recording devices.  

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