Mixed berry jam

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Posted by Ethel on 02/22/02 - 15:22:11
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I DO look at the jam as a creative opportunity
that moves out of the core structures to less known places, exactly as Cricket described it.

It can be of any duration and take on an infinate varity of character.  If it's too short, it's hardly much of a 'Jam', but I still count it,if it's hot. It's special area of the creativity.

Now some long, uninspired give and take, going nowhere, there's no there there, supposed 'jam'
is not a kool jam either.

Within one band, one night can go far more into jam space than another, influenced by guest artists--or NOT.

I think some poems and delicious harmonies are better off discreet.  NOT EVERY song is any better off carried into a jam--but that's up to how the artists feel.  Plus the jam takes a higher order sort of trust, collaboration and communication in which ALL members want to, and have a way of engaging.  Like a deep exploration
or conversation--perhaps scary--but everybody
keeping the FAITH, working their way through it.

Sort of like this board!

I like the JAM discussion, because it reflects my favorite way of getting into my painting.  I don't want to KNOW what it IS.  It will let me know if I throw enough things into the crucible
from my heart--and from the primary materials--
the painting may then PAINT ITSELF.

The DEAD concentrated on being that kind of transcendent, flexible vehicle for the music, at times, to create new self, in the MOMENT. Some of those discoveries would go on to be further recreated anew.  In painting--it's referred to as PROCESS oriented.

But last night at Willy---I had a million thoughts, about why OUR band is SO beloved to us. We have it all, and more.  Next Chapter.

So I spoke to the stage guy after the show.
Eth: I want to see the Starship playing here at the Fillmore.

Guy: What?  Who?

Eth: The JEFFERSON Starship!

Guy: (Shocked recogntion) YES__HEY! I'd like to see that, too!

Eth: Well, I guess I'll have to promote the idea MYSELF! ha ha ha

Guy:  WELL---I think you SHOULD DO THAT.  Really-----you aughta see the manager.  I'd like to see it happen!

Eth:  Well thanks for the encouragement, and the fantastic evening, BYE!

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