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Posted by PK on 02/22/02 - 11:14:11
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Re: Grace's book >>>

We, she & I, were arguing over something...
I think it was that she wouldn't go to the hall of fame induction or whatever
("Am I famous yet?" Zipster/para)
I said "It always has to be about you..."

and she said something like "I put myself out for the band
I mention everybody nicely in my book."
and I said "Yeah, well, that sucks too..."

she slammed the phone down and ...
She didn't speak to me for a year after that
[sort of a relief, in its own kind of way]

... even tho she knew the book skd too

SHAMELSS PLUG: again >>>
watch for the 'marvelous' PK book "Tales From The Mothership"
for the real stories
debut excerpts on
Little Dragon Publishing
sometime before the next millennium...

con pasion,

San Francisco

ZeusA1@AOL.COM wrote
Overall, I think the book was a weak, lazy effort. It seems Grace just told
her stories into her collaborator's tape recorder, the collaborator
transcribed and edited them, then fact checked, etc. There's little structure
and little depth. Barbara Rowe's 1980 biography of Grace has many faults,
but, overall, it's vastly superior. Dont get me wrong -- I'm glad Grace wrote
the book, got the big paycheck, etc., but it ain't a great piece of work or
the definitive book on Grace and her time. Hopefully, Jeff Tamarkin's book
will fill that role, as long as he doesn't overreach with philosophical
ponderings about the '60s, the "revolution" and JA's place in it and/or

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