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Posted by PK on 02/22/02 - 10:58:31
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RE The Space Shuttle and Me

In a message dated 2/21/2002 9:37:38 PM Pacific Standard Time,
brettr@HIWAAY.NET writes:

> I'm also pretty sure that it'd be his decision to risk that death or not,
> having nothing to do with any of us.

Reality check: I'm not arguing with Paul about the very real possibility of him hopping on the next space shuttle. I'm arguing with a fanboy who seems to think that the Russians should just know that Paul deserves a reserved seat on their next space launch.

>>I get the impression that Paul's not afraid of death.>>

Yeah, but I don't get the impression that he's beckoning it to his bedside just yet either.


Paul2All >>>

death comes
when death comes
not a whole lot YOU can do about it
sort of like religion
it's really NONE of your business
don't worry about it
and live your life
with rapture
et al
where you can find them


I expected to die after Owsley's experimental quadruple dose of STP that
he 'experimented' on the bands with
we were fkng lab rats , for jesus' sake

everything since has been gravy, in somebody's book

On the same dosage, Jack was arrested naked at midnight in a mud puddle
in Big Sur,
having pursued Ginger, among other things,
[Ginger could do that t'ya]
and woke up clinging to the TOP of the bars in a cell in the Monterey
County Jail
[I later asked him if his Irish sensibilities had allowed for a
composition, by him, of the equivalent of a "Ballad of Redding Gaol"]
He looked at me blankly, still recovering...
Ginger, somehow, had avoided arrest
once again

[Now Jack getting busted in the French Quarter hotel in New Orleans
and ending up with Jim Garrison as his attorney...
Jim fkd with the courts there magnificently and saved Jack from 10 years
on de chain gang
But that's a whole other tale
and you'll have to wait for
Pauk Kantner's "Tales From The Mothership" (film rights pending)
for ... "The Rest Of The Story"]

Carry on,
San Francisco

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