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Posted by Christo on 02/22/02 - 10:34:20
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I actually quite like the 95 live version of SIMG - they made a real anthem out of it.

Quite a fun album - I got it cheap,, mind disguised as "California Dreaming - M& P Live - ony very small print showed it to be from 95. Audience is swiftly snipped at the end of the tracks too - is this the album?
I quite liked the punchy band on it

I thought the new Love Song was a creepy/downer song for a stadium gig.

"They say that love can set you free
But look at me - in penitentiary"

I could also hear PaulK singing -
"Could it be we were hot-wired?
Late one night; were very tired.
They stole our minds and thought wed never know it.
With a bottle in each hand; too late to try to understand.
We dont care where it lands---we just throw it."

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