Big Brother @ the Beverley Playhouse

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Posted by Big Brother Fundamentalist on 02/22/02 - 00:54:23
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Very poor turnout - about 70 in a 350-seater - but excellent acoustics.

For the night Big Brother consisted of Sam Andrews, Peter Albin, Lisa Mills, Chuck Flood and Todd Bolton.

They started off with "Combination Of The 2" - so I was in immediate heaven!

Possibly the highlight of the night, though, was "Summertime" - during which, when the two guitars were chasing each other up and down and across the scales, I'll swear somebody came! That unmistakeable sex smell suddenly filled the air and just hung there. It was that delicious I could understand - though it wasn't me!

Lisa Mills can do the Joplin thing real well - though she doesn't do the sexy dress/sexy spiel stuff which is perhaps a pity as she is pretty attractive woman and a bit of show-womanship would help sell tickets.

Sam and Todd - who can do the Gurley fuzz thing perfectly - really played off each other - but it was Albin's basswork which really surprised me. I'd no idea he was that good.

It was a stunning show - they pissed all over Fairport whom I'd seen the previous week and thought theirs was their best performance I'd been to in several years.

I only wish the Starship had been this good on the two occasions I've seen them.

I made it back to my local pub in time for last orders - my one complaint about the night was it was short - two 50-minute sets - and found myself pretty incapable of conversation. They couldn't get much more out of me than "Fuckin' brilliant! Fuckin' brilliant! FUCKIN' BRILLIANT!"

(See, I'm still high nearly 10 hours later!)

Listening to the new "DO WHAT YOU LOVE" album afterwards was a bit of an anti-climax. It's more than OK but Tom Finch's wah-wah is no substitute for Bolton's pseudo-Gurley fuzz and Lisa Battle just doesn't reach those parts Lisa Mills does. (A kind of Diana vs Darby comparison!)

I was a sort-of Big Brother fan before. I'm now a dedicated nut. Now, if only they'll come back to the UK real soon and with a CD that captures just how good they can be.

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