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Posted by Cricket on 02/22/02 - 00:26:56
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Maybe it's problematic to use "jamband" as a kind of static designation  (like, one either is or isn't a jamband) rather than as a description of how a particular band plays on a given night.  What do others think?

For me, a big part of the answer (re: "Is ____ a jamband?") would depend on just how freely the musicians can improvise:  are they willing to take real risks & head out in at least SOME directions they haven't previously explored (& might run into trouble getting back from), & just see what happens ...or are they staying pretty much within known parameters (time, quoting, etc.)...so that it's fairly safe & the return (& structure, & maybe mood) is never in doubt.

I think I'd vote for the "process" kind of description over any once-and-for-all designation.
Interesting question, Mike, et al...

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