Brilliant song!

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Posted by Keith E Rice on 02/22/02 - 00:22:10
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I was an Ms &Ps nut before I really knew anything about the Airplane.

In fact, being distraught as a 14-year-old by the Ms & Ps split, I was fooled by an RCA ad which implied that Airplane music was similar to the Ms & Ps. So, without even a cursory listen in the record shop, I bought "BAXTERS". HAH!!!!!!!!!!

As for "Safe In My Garden", it's arguably the Ms & Ps finest moment. Certainly, a beautiful (if slight) melody with a highly-comlplex arrangement.

Have you had the version from that otherwise rather pedestrian 95 live album - where a rather eeire-sounding synth subs for the horns and the instruments drop right back to make the chorus almost acapella? - again something of a rather spooky effect!

And, yes, I could easily imagine Marty crying out: "Man, can't they see the world's on fire".

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