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Posted by Eth on 02/21/02 - 20:37:27
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Hey Paul!

The Grateful Dead Calendar people have your birthday WRONG!!!!   How dare they?  Putting it right on top of Ray's birthday like that?

While researching the ACTUAL birthday of Paul K. on-line, we went to Solo Discography where some
informative and entertaining profiles reside.

I WILL say that's a fairly attractive picture of Paul they have selected to front the text!

read Diana's -- pretty accurate -- gonna read 'em all later.  Off to the Fillmore.  See y'all soon.

GO TO ASK.COM and type 'biography of Paul Kantner'

The second thing they show is a BIOGRAPHY of JORMA!!!!!!

The last thing listed is this historical discography JA/JS.  Pretty fascinatin'!!!!!!!!


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