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Posted by carolyn on 02/21/02 - 20:34:23
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infectious disease specialists, in the lyme community, we call them I.D.oits, regularly troll the lyme websites.  my daughter went to a quaker school with the daughter of a pediatric infectious disease specialist.  when she found out i was using the internet at the library, she started coming in to click on the computers to see which websites i was posting on.  she looks just like a troll to, except without the big round eyes.

she didn't bother to tell me what i had, and then when i did find out what i had but still could not get medical care, did not bother to help.  also didn't let me know that my kids have lyme.  my son is an obvious case.

i asked my daughter about her son that is my sons age, and my daughter told me he is a very weird kid and the other kids don't like him.  he is smart though.  then she corrects herself.  "well his parents make him smart".  so i asked her how and she said that they won't feed him breakfast until he answers a certain amount of math questions right.  i ran this by another mom suggesting it's close to child abuse and she said in her opinion, it is child abuse.  i wonder if he will become a doctor.

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