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Posted by MISSION CONTROL on 02/21/02 - 20:27:49
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YES & NO.  Here's why:
The 'jamband' genre is defined as those Artists influenced by & descendent of a style of music, first pioneered by the San Francisco Bay Area/Fillmore Era bands of the late 1960s/early 70s ... specifically GRATEFUL DEAD, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, QUICKSILVER MESSNEGER SERVICE, BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING CO., MOBY GRAPE, COUNTRY JOE 7 THE FISH etc.  THE ALLMAN BROS. BAND from Macon, GA also qualify as progenitors, having refined the concept through a crucible of blues ... also, they frequently appeared on bills with THE DEAD.

In the 1990s, a new generation of bands & fans took hold, even as THE DEAD remained active (until JERRY's passing in 1995).  These included PHISH, DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, BLUES TRAVELER & WIDESPREAD PANIC - first generation, 'jambands.'  The scene quickly evolved & expanded to include GOV'T MULE, STRING CHEESE INCIDENT, LEFTOVER SALMON & in more recent years, JAZZ IS DEAD, STEVE KIMOCK (who has actually been around the scene for closer to twenty years!), BLUE FLOYD, DISCO BISCUITS, DEEP BANANA BLACKOUT & too many others to keep up with or name.  For my money, most of the better known of these, pale in comparison to the originals - but as Paul simon aptly said: "Every generation throws its heros up the pop charts."

Hence neither PHIL LESH & FRIENDS, BOB DYLAN or JEFFERSON STARSHIP are colloquially speaking 'jambands,' though all jam better than the best of the current generation (again - in MY opinion).  But, we tend to organize our thoughts into groupoings of description, so it would not be INCORRECT to label the bands of the legendary first wave, as 'jambands' - considering it is what the consolidated scene labels itself.

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