So, You Want to Know about Tussey Mountain - June 29

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Posted by Chris Hager on 02/21/02 - 12:45:09
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Tussey Mountain refers to the Tussey Mountain Amphitheater, which is in Boalsburg, PA, near State College (as in Penn State), not Harrisburg as listed on the JSSF Tour Dates page.  Actually, it's about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours northwest of Harrisburg, for those of you not totally familiar with the area. I called the good folks at Tussey Mountain, and I found out that there is a rib fest there on Friday, June 28 and Saturday, June 29.  JS is scheduled to play June 29.  Having memories of when they played a rib fest in 1994 in York, PA at the York Fair Grounds, I can tell you that it was an extremely good time, so I'm sure this promises to be great fun as well, not to mention the added summer bonus of having some great ribs.  Tickets, according to the Tussey Mountain staff, will not go on sale until late April, so if that turns out to be wrong, blame them, not me.  They also say that there will be a reserved section and a general admission section, although the woman with whom I spoke didn't seem 100% sure of that, so I'm only going by what their website says.  By the way, their website has a ticket order page, but it supposedly isn't connected yet, and won't be until late April.  The JSSG Tour Dates page calls this a Spirit of '67 date, with JS and Vanilla Fudge.  The Tussey Mountain site says that Big Brother will also be there.  Those of you who saw Spirit of '67 last year will remember that Big Brother turned in some pretty hot performances, so I hope they will be there in addition to JS and the Fudge.  According to Tussey Mountain, tickets will be $16 for general admission and $28 for reserved seating.  Whether that will change between now and the on-sale date I don't know.  I assume that this price includes the festival and the musical entertainment, which is usually the case at such events, but Tussey would not confirm this.  Stay tuned for further developments.  And one other thing:  If you really dig JS and are in the area, come support them.  These festival gigs can be hard for a band, because most of the people there are there for the ribs (or chili, as was the case last October 6 in Stone Mountain, Georgia), and they go to the concert merely for some extra entertainment, neither knowing or caring much about who happens to be there.  It could be JS; it could just as easily be the Village Idiots.  Bands can really stand to see some friendly fan faces at these types of gigs, so show up.  I bet you'll have a great time.   Regards, Chris Hager

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