Idea: JS Concert at this year's Worldcon.

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Posted by John B. Krug on 02/20/02 - 22:55:11
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...I was informed recently that the 60th
Worldcon, or World Science Fiction Convention will be in San Jose, CA this year over the Labor Day weekend holiday. My idea is JS doing a concert as part of the festivities there. Does anyone else like this idea as well? There is a website for the Worldcon that can be easily found via
search engines for more info.  The San Jose
event is named "ConJose" to be more specific... I noticed at the Worldcon site that famous folkie Janis Ian was interested and attended last year's Worldcon, etc. IMHO, JS at Worldcon could be a good thing all around, for old and new fans attending, as well as the band. Maybe local SF-Bay Area "A-Deck"ers and Fultonites can get together to make the necessary contacts to make it happen??  What do you think? Best Regards! John B. Krug  

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