sorry don..

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Posted by John on 02/20/02 - 17:31:07
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i was prob at a cub scout meeting when the JA was blowin' the roof off, of some nearby venue!

now, the JS is a way differant animal for me.
was at their debut if memory serves me correctly,
undercover at a "2 dollar tuesday at winterland"
must of been around 74..[that would be cool to hear]
you assume i know all that stuff?
lets see if i do..hmm

1) the indians disovered america right?
2) think i missed class that day to a free concert in park, kind of emancipated my own self?
3) i'm from the east coast..long ago [shhh..]
and know paul revere made the best pots and pans
EVER..we have had and used a set for 35+ years..there great!

how did i do?
see ya.

public thanks Don, for the wonderful B&W images!

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