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Posted by w7 on 02/20/02 - 15:16:29
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My Isis and I have been married a real long time!
By the way KRS I have noticed that you don't make as many personal attacks as before...Good going!
You are still as wildly creative as ever though.
I mean you can create a list of 6248 things before I get the D of DoH! out.  Imagine Ethel thinking I'm you, when Im so self effacing, and you are so self confident that when you walk your feet don't touch the ground.  Maybe Ethel just likes to beat up men, I mean she turns her pert little nose in the air and goes "IM NOT TALKING TO YOU EVER AGAIN'
after kicking me around a couple times.  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to have done wrong but it's certaining not asking Barbie for a date.  There's nothing wrong in scoring a little Malibu!

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