What does this tour consist of?  Ray with you guys?

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Posted by frank on 02/20/02 - 12:58:57
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i'm 27.....a significant mystical number for me because it was the age morrison died.  being that i've followed down a path of destruction of the pyramids..to find the ashes to write with my thoughts...

i'm also a fan of 60's music and thought.  that lack of spiritualism today..i find in the writer...poets and musicians of that hipped out time.  i've just recently been turned onto a band called quicksilver messanger service...that song "the fool" reminds me of the doors "the end."  that eerie eastern sound they have in it...dope..

anyway..i have a question about this tour.  what is the format...i saw that some shows are electric and others acoustic based...and some shows are with the band vanilla fudge..and the thing that grabbed me..was ray..manzarek..that doom gothic...bach from way back...venice side...

what is the starship playing...songwise...is ray..having his own set..is there a jam between players and bands.....i'm curious to know....well thanks for listening...and keep the lava in tempo...for the night at the keswick in glenside...peace


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