The Old Duality

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Posted by Ethelethelbobethelbonannafannafofethel-------Ethel on 02/19/02 - 20:00:55
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"All in all, through controversy, exaltation, humiliation, inebriation, & elucidation, A-Deck has been the rousing success & enjoyment, I had hoped it would be.  Let's not go 'easy' - NONE OF US SHOULD GO EASY!  WE SHOULD GO KICKING & SCREAMING, ALL THE WAY!"  MC

Do Not Go gentle.....

Carry the Fire.....

The Old Duality.....

I think you know, MC, PK and Deckers, the depth of my respect for the 'work'.

Please continue to excuse any past inebriation,
misplaced passion, or spontaneous combustion.

I've been on the road with my mom since Saturday.

I could never have imagined an honest,intensely interesting, community like this one.  I enjoy being participant,like you can't imagine.  Sorry,
can't apologize for that.

Thanks for the opportunity of a lifetime, and the acceptance---and that's to ALL.

Edvard Munch (painter) "The Scream"

The'scream' may be much more general at times, than specific.

I am assured that MC is assured we are mutually assured, and without much reassurance needed.
But for general reassurance---more assurity
never hurts...........does it?      


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