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Posted by Last (Sayonara) Chirp -- for now on 02/19/02 - 11:15:10
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(the chimps ate the first post; I'm reconstructing)

Inspired by Rich, Dave & the rest of you East Coast A-Deck lunatics, I'm preparing to abandon all past inclinations toward clean living & staying out of jail. (Thanks, guys.  I'm happier already.)  To that end, I've been getting price-quotes for discount stretch limos that our invading hordes potentially might commandeer on 4/18, to go from mid-town (NYC) to the Westbury show.

Besides the resident fiends who clearly should not be driving (perhaps ever), others of us may be descending on the city & need a ride.  Judging from Rich's "Brats" review, I can only dream of the kind of trouble we could get into, 10 to a car.  As for cost: the more of us, the cheaper.  Not to mention that one could imagine scenarios in which a poor driver might willingly waive the whole fee if we'd agree to get out of the car.

Anyone interested, please send me an email & I'll be in touch --


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