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Posted by twilight double leader on 02/19/02 - 09:37:59
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Come on, Michael.  If you think you're stressed out now, just wait until you join the ranks of the sleep deprived parential patrol.  The first night you bring little MC home, about 3am, you will awake to a sound that is foreign to your ears.  At closer inspection it will sound like a wounded animal outside or a cranky singer.  As you roll over and realize that it doesn't stop, you decide to arise and investigate.  The sound of a newborn baby crying at 3am sounds louder than a jet engine.  Really.  And it's all (almost all) your fault.  And there is nothing like the content look on the face of that child, after a quick change and a bottle stuffed in his/her mouth.  You'll see.  And you'll also discover that in a week you've memorized the entire cable tv schedule from midnight to 6am :)

Get some sleep, my friend.  Tomorrow really is a new dawn.  Welcome to our world!

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