So shouldn't you be asleep?

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Posted by Cricket on 02/19/02 - 08:41:04
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I can't say you've "outdone" yourself here, M.C., since this isn't the first time you've written something at once so eloquent, moving, & funny that I immediately wanted to print it out.  But I'm especially glad you wrote this one -- a trademark, inimitable mix of rousing oratory, in-yer-face schtick, & straightforward words from the heart that express beautifully why you do the work, and do it so well.

I love that quote from "Walkin'", too.

You know the saying, "Be careful what you wish..."?  My guess is that we (and soon your little one) WILL keep up the kicking & screaming...  Meanwhile, maybe you should just come out & admit you've no real intention of getting some sleep.

(thanks for everything)


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