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Posted by Mission Control on 02/19/02 - 02:13:14
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... is the title of the book & 1965 motion picture starring Charlton Heston & Rex Harrison, chronicling the life of Michalengelo.  It refers to the turmoil suffered by every Artist ... of never feeling sated by their work ... despite the praise we heap upon them.  Indeed, it is a human condition ... whether as parent or olympian ... to strive ... to yearn to do better in all we may do.

"With great power comes great responsibility."
              - Ben Parker (Peter Parker's uncle)

Note:  You'll hear that line uttered by Cliff Robertson in the long anticipated theatrical debut of Sony Picture's "SPIDER-MAN" this May.

Those of us, responsible for managing (& promoting the affairs of) Artists ... operating machinery from behind a curtain ("don't look there ... there is nothing to see back there!") so to speak, also have great responsibility.  It is not the responsibility of teachers, surgeons or pilots to be sure, but many persons derive their livelihood from such an enterprise (even one as humble as ours), and many more fans rely upon our veracity, integrity, creativity - especially when one considers the important legacy Paul, Marty, Jefferson et al have come to represent.  As a life long, card carrying 'fan' myself - I take my duties seriously ... & to heart ... & cherish the work I do.

Paul's 'vanishing post' asks fellow A-Deckers 'to go easy on me,' (Paul actually wants to save the best tortures for his own amusement - JUST KIDDING!), because of all the pressure I am under.
That's a kind thought - but REALLY!  Does George Steinbrenner ask the NY press to take it easy on Joe Torre, because managing The Yankees is a pressure cooker?  DUH!  I don't think so!  Are we gonna let George Lucas slide if "Episode Two: Attack Of The Clones" is not a MAJOR improvement over that uneven "Episode One?"  I don't think so!
Are we gonna forgive writer/producer David Chase, if the new season of The Sopranos doesn't knock us on our entertained asses, (having waiting 18 fucking months)?  I double-tap-behind-the-ear don't think so.

My duties on behalf of JEFFERSON STARSHIP are as important to me, as those above-mentioned higher profile franchises are to their managers  & producers.  In fact, moreso - because all I ever wanted to do, since before time began, was have this job.  Paul has allowed - ENCOURAGED my creative freedom on his behalf, beyond that afforded any manager I know ... & I know all of 'em.  We may not be as high grossing as BOB DYLAN, THE ALLMAN BROS., PHISH or DAVE MATTHEWS BAND - but I wouldn't trade jobs with any of their managers.  A famous former keyboardist accused me of being a zealot.  In the immortal words of Bart Simpson:  "Proud of it dude!"

Likewise, JS3C should be held to a high standard - & not simply/cynically because we have your money.
Because, those of you who have invested your hearts ... and for some - many of your years ... have come to expect alot from the Jefferson Family - & with good cause.  Please post your reviews of the CDs you are now receiving ... of the mp3s & other content The Wizard of Artski shall continue to upload.  We shall continue to send you treasure - & take great pride in being able to amaze & impress the most discerning.

Some of you A-Deckers & Cartographers are truly kind & supportive (& not only of my JS work, but also of my non-JS conceptual projects) ... both in the format of this forum & with your private missives.  Some have contrapuntal views, occassionally taking great exception (if not offense) at my criticism & witicism.  That's also appreciated - but we should all remember:  Just because I like one flavor & you like another, doesn't diminish the appreciation for the flavor we each DO like.  My opinion is not BETTER, (though I am certain it is), it is simply my opinion.

All in all, through controversy, exaltation, humiliation, inebriation, & elucidation, A-Deck has been the rousing success & enjoyment, I had hoped it would be.  Let's not go 'easy' - NONE OF US SHOULD GO EASY!  WE SHOULD GO KICKING & SCREAMING, ALL THE WAY!

"Take my hand it's an avalanche
It'll worry your mind but take a chance
Take off your tie but don't leave the dance
of your life ... of your life."
 from "Walkin'" - Paul Kantner/Grace Slick (1973)

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