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Posted by Cricket on 02/18/02 - 23:37:02
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First, look at W7's Valentine's Day post. (I can't stomach re-reading it, myself, but please, if you've had dinner, feel free.)  When I run into something that's at once both sappy & psycho, I start looking for a fan of country music.  

Remember the gist of it?  More platitudes than you'd hear from your ol' friend Sister Battle-Axe at a local meeting of Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous...followed by W7's truly heartwarming description of his faithful, ever-patient wife...

As I recall, by the end of that post, W7's in the hot tub lusting after their pretty next-door neighbor, and Mrs.W7 meanwhile not only is standing by her man, but I believe she's bringing him cocktails.  No mention of whether she offers something to the neighbor as well.  (This is where a Tom Lehrer fan could really improve on what a typical country music fan has to offer.  I'm thinking: a special twist, like, of a neck -- with some kind of play on the words "chick" & "chicken.")  

No, W7, ce n'est pas moi.
I do have my strong suspicions, & there is an ongoing investigation.  I suppose you've been told you're no longer a suspect.

But let me pose a question to you, perhaps related.

Remember these lines from "Wooly Bully"?
"Let's not be L-7.  Come and learn to dance.  Wooly Bully!  Wooly Bully!"  

Do you think W used to be L?
Could W be short for ...

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