A bizarre movie, potumentary, & interview

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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/18/02 - 21:35:49
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Bizarre Hippie Movie

Late one night while channel surfing I came across a movie on TNN from 1967 called "The Love In."  Realizing I stumbled upon a long lost classic gem and the movie was just starting, I taped it.  The story took place on Haight Asbury.  The star of the movie was the guy who was the copilot in the TV series Lost In Space.  Essentially it was a bunch of hippies living in a house together that went against the conservative values of the Fathers Knows Best generation.  The main scenes in the movie portray a bad acid trip, a free concert in Golden Gate Park with bikers destroying the fun, a long lost San Francisco band called the UFO's playing for free on Haight Street, and smoking pot and discussing how to make money selling banana peels.  

But the most interesting scene in the movie was the portrayal of a dance concert at the Fillmore.  The actual Fillmore auditorium wasn't used.  The people were dressed up in all sorts of costumes and hats dancing to a psychedelic light show of strobes and liquid light projections.  The entire time, the San Jose based, Chocolate Watchband was playing "Welcome to the Love In."  

Camp Cool and Wannabe Hip

Who remembers those old movies they use to show in grade school back in the late 60's with Sony & Cher?  I think they made 6 of those Don't Smoke Potumentaries.  They were on a par with Reefer Madness.  Only it was Sonny & Cher talking about how one person smoked pot and always managed to end up dead or brain-damaged.  Sure wish I had a video of those hipless classics.  Too bad Sony's last hit was a tree that did him in.

Strangest Rock Icon Interview

One night I taped PBS and the show ended earlier than expected.  At the end of the show they dug out an old interview with Mick Jagger from 1968.  Turns out Mr. Biglips was interviewed by two members of the British Parliament, a Bishop from the Anglican Church, a conservative journalist, and one other crusty old goat.  They were asking questions about God, money, drugs, and the Beatles.  Mick came across as being articulate and intelligent.  The others came across as condescending crass old goats.  

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