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Posted by Cricket on 02/18/02 - 19:12:23
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will you send me some kleenex?  I'll split the box with Kb.  
Ok:  YES!  And I was going to rush back here & chirp my thanks, but (see previous paragraph).

The new titles on the portal page look terrific -- & I figure there must be more than one banana peel behind that snazzy, orbiting-in-space icon for "Count on Me".  The video was fun to watch: really captures the feel of the show, from just below the stage -- besides centering on Marty, some nice shots of Paul & Slick playing, & Diana dancing & singing back-up.  Got me freshly excited about the upcoming shows.

Now, for the other one I watched today... I haven't yet seen the Papa John 75th birthday clip.  There truly IS work I'm supposed to be getting done OFFLINE (!)...but I decided I had to watch the 9/29 Arrowfest clip with Grace's performance.  

First reaction:  Holy shit, what an entrance! (perfect musical backdrop, too) I won't argue with your advisory about the sound quality, but after a minute it mattered much less, because I was transfixed by the feeling of the performances -- the chemistry onstage -- & the poignancy of those songs under the circumstances (post 9/11).  By the time the band started up with "Volunteers" & Darby went over to the N.Y. Firefighters & brought them out on stage, I had tears in my eyes.  [& not just from sadness, & feeling moved, but I guess I also felt proud that the band had done this --  & with a lot of heart.]

So, yes -- & thank you!


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