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Posted by Christo on 02/18/02 - 11:48:53
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"(Dearest Christogram: listeneth uppeth here, thou?).  So, short version: my goodies FLEW straight to me -- postmarked THAT Monday."  

Cricketoa - good to hear - I know MC does excellent work and it was interesting to read his ecplanation of the team that exists that I didn't know about - I really had come to think it was just him doing everything - I was wondering only if the man planning the tours etc etc should be the same man answering little emails from me etc... More power to him.

cue upper class English twit accent...
- Some have found MC occasionally abbrasive, but once he explained that he was BOTH foreign AND working class, well one understood immiediately, didn't one?  :-)

...scampers off taking cover for when he sends da boys round!!  :-)

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