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Posted by Pter Jolson on 02/17/02 - 22:35:38
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Message Body to Middletown around six thirty, and literally couldn't give away the extra ticket I had. Got a few "yeah, right!"s, and had a lovely stoned conversation with a seven foot cop who couldn't seem to grasp the concept that there wasn't anything illegal about giving awat tickets in front of a theater. My buddies and I pressed our noses up against Ye Olde Bre Pubbies window, and realized that we were far too disgusting and foul a crew to cross over the portal of so refined and toffee-nosed a joint, and headed down the sidewalk. Standing in front of Red's, we wondered if spending ten bucks a beer in a heinous titty bar was the appropriate venue to catch an hour's buzz. No, we figured, it was not...and besides, with the posters out front advertising the Moscow Circus at the Paramount, we figured Red's was probably a Communist titty bar...and while we aren't terribbly anti commie, and certainly aren't anti titty, we figured combining communism and titties just didn't cut the mustard...and besides, we only had an hour. A kindly, elderly African American lady pointed us in the direction of the local dive, and off we happily headed. "You'll be real comfortable there," she assured us, "it's under new management."

Long story short, in we walked, every head turned, and we felt like three Rice Crispies in a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. We had, in fact, found The Place To Be. A few pitchers of bear and a couple of bucks in the juke box (Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, The Brothers Johnson, The Ojays, AWB, Curtis Mayfield, Parliament, James Brown, The Commodores - a happening juke box to be sure....avoided Black Sabbath Vol. 4, though). A local (toothless) young woman exused herself to tell me how much she was enjoying the selections, and inquired if we wer going to the JS show...said she wished she had a ticket. Tried to give the ticketaway again, but she had an "appointment" at eight o'clock. Gave the ticket to a fellow in the bar who's friend "Francis" wanted to go...even went so far as to head around the corner and tape it on Francis' door...he went and retrieved the ticket when Francis couldn't be found, and back the boomerang ducat came to me. Tried in vain to give the damned thing away again walking from dive to fact, I did everything but slip it into a sleeping wino's breast a sold out show, no less...ain't life strange sometimes?

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