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Posted by Cricket on 02/17/02 - 22:28:38
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---> you'd BETTER count me among those millions of M.C. fans worldwide!

Lest there was any doubt:

Besides getting a kick out of those "alpha personality", take-no-prisoners, funny-as-hell posts, & learning a lot from him about music [i.e., this has been my getting-to-know Jazz is Dead week; I just listened to "The Eleven" & now "Terrapin Station" is playing, & M.C.'s again right: they totally nailed those songs]... I also have a personal "customer service" anecdote to relate...

Some time ago, on a weekend, I sent an email checking on the whereabouts of some CIA CD's I'd ordered.  MC responded promptly, playfully -- the whole exchange was a delight, & he concluded with a promise to "look into it" first thing Monday morning when he got to the office. (Dearest Christogram: listeneth uppeth here, thou?).  So, short version: my goodies FLEW straight to me -- postmarked THAT Monday.  

Believe me, I was kidding about the cement!  I LOOK FORWARD to exchanges with M.C.

& As for yourself, sir: what's with this "old roadie with no van" & "old guy lost in cyberspace" stuff?  A-Deckers who haven't met you should be alerted that this is pure, unadulterated cyberhogwash.  Absolutely a MISREPRESENTATION & I can't imagine the possible motive.  Now, it may be true you have no van, but the rest...Pfffft!!!


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