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Posted by old roadie with no van on 02/17/02 - 21:34:20
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Love the Mission Control, worldwide...chirper!

[oxygen is good for your window now!]
[know yooze was joking..funny 2cents]

old fans that have not seen the band in decades,
all the raves for the CIA series of live shows,
16,000 lucky fans that were at arrowfest in LA,
awe- struck teenagers in japan greeting their heros for the first time,
good folks in Alaska,Mexico,Portugal,Amsterdam, Hawaii,Italy,England
band members and crew with kids and cats to feed,
darn near all 50 states worth of concerts, fairs
that were amazed by the bands music for the first time,
a thousand and one happy fans from last night,
not to even mention bluefloyd, jazz is dead, beatlejam or..
about a million i figure from all over the world

        happy fans of Mission Control

he may have lost a couple of folks by being too honest with them..

not one to sugercoat things..
a good quality in my book

old guy lost in cyber-space

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