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Posted by Mission Control on 02/17/02 - 20:55:10
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... entitle the bearer to complimentary, front of house, general admission to all JS shows in 2002 - regardless of early/late/2 show situations ... society members are welcome to attend both.

As regards reserved seat engagements:  Inasmuch as the laminate entitles the sole bearer to admission, there is a logistical quandry when desiring to attend with non-society family & friends. The best possible scenario I can conjure is this:  Society members may contact me by private email - I shall endeavor to hold seats (comps for Society members - 'pay-for's for non-members).  If, as in the case of Middletown last night, the show sells out in advance, the plan will be undone.  Statisticaly, we play 80% GA shows ... 20% general admission, so I am hopeful Society members shall not feel terribly inconvenienced by our failure to accomodate non-society friends & family sitting together with laminate holders.  After all - making certain we get reserved seats coordinated in this fashion was never discussed or agreed to.

Still, we want fellow cartographers happy ('well chuffed' in the UK), contrary to some fans (Pter) claims to the contrary.  As most of you know, I personally reply to all email.

Watch the skies!

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