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Posted by slow chirper on 02/17/02 - 20:39:41
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Hello, M.C....

I thought I'd post this here, since I doubt I'm the only cartographer jetlagged without having gone anywhere yet...

My understanding is that BB's in NYC and 115 Bourbon Street in Chicago are both GENERAL admission venues, and that Keswick in Philly & Westbury Music Fair (NY) are RESERVED seating -- though I didn't see anything at the Westbury site that makes that clear.

So, assuming the above is correct, your JS3C email tells us the rest of what we need to know...
EXCEPT:  When JS is playing 2 shows that may sell out at a GENERAL admission venue, how would you like those of us who want to stay for both shows to handle it?  Should we buy a ticket in advance for one of the shows?  Is it better for youse & the family, Tony, if we gedda later or earlier ticket?

Maybe you can let loose another flock of them emails (the clean kind) or come on out & show off them new, improved customer relation skills none of your customers seems to be around anymore to write about...
Hey, why is that?


p.s. Don't do me with the cement, Ok?  I ain't sung to nobody.

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