a hundred years ago..

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Posted by Kb on 02/17/02 - 20:10:06
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sorry kids..
i guess i cant add anymore..wiped out from work'in
i knew i should have stayed in class that school day when the jeffersons and the dead were jammin at lindley meadow in golden gate park..1975?
at least i can remember most of that great show..
if not the schoolwork!

[now thats a tape/CD i would LOVE to hear!]
thanks to the masses of you A Deck'ers who came
out to support Merl Saunders and Pete Sears gigs!
Eth & Ray, Don & Kate, Cricket, Paul S, Dave,
Robert, and even the formerly banned and
ultra reclusive Goombah! [hope i did not forget you!]

now back to all things jefferson.....

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