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Posted by twilight double leader on 02/17/02 - 17:56:11
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Gee, after Dave tells it like it was, there isn't much left to say.  

First of all, it was nice to have such a large turnout for the pre-show festivities.  Meetings of the Society will continue throughout the spring, and hopefully will grow.  The pre-game meal (veal picatta) was superb, and it set the tone for the evening.  

We arrived at the theater to find it mostly full.  I don't know how they sold that many tickets, but IT WAS F***ING FANTASTIC.  Shows what a little promotion can do.  After the show I asked Slick how he felt playing to a full theater for a change; he told me "It's my job, man."  He sure played like it.  This is the first electric show that i've seen in two years.  Who were these guys?  It's a very different, very exciting band.  Reminds me of the "old" days.  The presence of Tom Lilly on bass adds a new dimension to the sound.  A very deep, thumping dimension.  Tom should have come to the front several times during the night, especially during Blues From An Airplane.  Same deal with Prarie - who gets to pound the **** out of his kit instead of dinking around with brushes.  Not that I don't love "The Acoustic Experience", but this is the blimp hanger JS that I grew up on.  The acapella We Can Be Together was great (thanks, Paul, you remembered!), but it the sound problems at the beginning really ruined it and Wooden Ships.  I think the show really hit stride around Funny Cars.  You'll hear the tapes (yes you will) and you can tell us.

The theater reminded me of a high school dance gone bad - the back of the stage had "Jefferson Starship" spelled out in mylar baloons, and there were several planet-looking balloons hanging from the PA speakers.  There was plenty of merchandise in the lobby - flowers, jewelry, cds and shirts from the opening act.  Nothing for JS.  Memo to MC:  M-E-R-C-H-A-N-D-S-E.  Shirts.  ATOS cds (maybe you can pay me if you see a few.)  I'll have the photos posted by mid-week, and will post the link when they are uploaded.

The show seemed really sluggish while we were sitting in the middle of the orchestra.  Once we migrated to the front of the theater it was just as I remembered it.  Loud, roaring, vibrant.  Dave was right about Pooneil  - we didn't really like it in the back BECAUSE WE COULDN'T FEEL IT.  I was surprised how quickly the center orchestra emptied  out ... but the seats quickly filled.  

The best part of the show?  A smiling happy Paul afterwards.  A very different impression than the scowl i've become used to seeing.  Marty and Slick were both sick, and it really slowed them down.  On the trip up we were wondering if there would ever be a show without Hearts and Miracles.  We got it tonight.  I for one needed this show tonight.  I got a great boost of energy from it.  Now I can't wait until April!

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