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Posted by Paul S. on 02/17/02 - 15:53:05
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Great to meet you Cricket, Robert, and Goomba. Sorry we had to cut out early  but under the circumstances....My ass was still dragging a bit from Merl. I'm the one guy at any show who's waiting for the drum solo. I'm sure he ripped it up. I had a good laugh with the rhythm section outside. As a car pulled up across the street, Earnest(Boom) commented on how small the car was and how easy it must be to park. The chick driving continued to make a 10 point paralell park job and we were still laughing when she crossed the street to come into the show. Of course I had that epiphany standing outside enjoying a smoke about the video Hell in a Bucket, realizing it was filmed at New Georges. Wish I had a copy.

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