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Posted by Cricket on 02/17/02 - 15:22:56
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Who else knows?

OK, ok:  Thank you for the site info, Kb.  

The truth is, this post is just an excuse to say hi & to tell you, Don, Paul S, and the vanishing Robert & Goombah what a pleasure it was seeing you all at the Pete Sears & Dawn Patrol gig Friday night.

Anticipating Keith's question:  No, they didn't play anything from Pete's "gorgeous 'Watchfire' CD" ... but they played beautifully, & keep getting better & better, & you can see what fun they're having.  Besides some excellent covers (e.g., "People Get Ready," "It Makes No Difference," "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," "A Whiter Shade of Pale," & "Baby, Please Don't Go"), they did several from Pete's new CD, "The Long Haul", with Davey Pattison in fine, soulful voice -- & great musicianship all around. Special faves: "Fair to Even Odds" and "Darien" (I like both on the CD, but much prefer the intensity of the live performances, which open into some lovely, extended excursions.  I hope the band will continue to stretch out & jam more: they could, beautifully.  They're always tight, but it'd be fun to see them also let loose.)  

& Speaking of letting loose:  Paul S. (& Don, Goom, & Robert), you missed a TERRIFIC drum solo by Ernest Carter.  He always does these toward the end of the 2nd set -- for obvious reasons (I'm  impressed that afterwards he can still stand up) -- so don't cut out so soon!  

One of the evening's highlights:  Pete & Jeanette Sears' daughter Natalie came out & sang "A Light Rain of Grace" (music by dad, lyrics by mom)...Everyone at the bar, & from the back of the club moved straight to the front by the stage & stood in a semi-circle, quiet as a Quaker prayer meeting, while she sang.  She was poised, charming, & has a delicate, "natural" voice.  Dad looked VERY proud!  (I'm sure mom did, too, but she was dancing...)

Chirping off now --

tour info is @

S.F. Bay Area:  
Rancho Nicasio, Fri 3/8
Sweetwater, Fri 3/29

p.s. John, sorry to scoot without saying goodbye, but you looked VERY busy closing things down --
& I thank you & Don for that little surprise photo session I'm still blushing over.

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