Tribal Bonds

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Posted by Buck on 02/17/02 - 14:05:08
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"You Are My Kind, You Are My Country, My Love, My Life, You Are My Freedom"............. Chokes me up a bit......... I have a strong attraction to the idea of asscoiating with "My Kind"........ Saw a a show last night called 'A Different Drum". One segment covered The Farm (of Tennessee fame). I am intrigued by the idea of trying to culturally evolve. I want CONNECTION instead of disconnection with kindred spirits who share a common respect for others, compassion, idealism and a willingness to explore the possibilities when minds and spirits act in concert towards a common creative approach to living with each other and in harmony with this living planet and the Universe itself. Obviously, a lot of the ideas strived for there didn't serve to be very functional in sustaining a satisfying and rewarding life for the many of the residents. A certain degree of autonomy and idividuality seems to be more conductive to such social evolutionary endeavors...... Gotta Evolution, Gotta evolution!

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