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Posted by P on 02/17/02 - 11:34:29
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Actually,I would have contributed to the SHIP with no strings attached.

As MC expressed in his Ship Address:  
        "We are going to take the
        profits and use them to create  
        new, innovative ways of
        PROMOTING the band."

OK. The more revenue the better.  Nothing sleazy about that.  To me, promote means to advance (ideas), to proGRESS, to move forward>>>>>  

        "The Society's very formation
         depends on your interest and
That is in order to BEGIN the Quest there must be a strong financial foundation.  Explorations of any magnitude require funding.  The nascent Society needs nurturing in every sense of the word.

I do believe they intend to have meetings as Paul said: "The primary focus and reason for [them]is to share ideas and experiences in furtherance of the Quest...and Dream together and see what may ensue."

To augment these physical encounters we shall transcend geographic boundaries by sharing cyberspace, which in some ways is analogous to going out into real space, out "toward Mars and then beyond."  Cyberspace is a very interesting metaphor.

Paul envisions a cerebral journey and discovery of "unchartered spaces."  The visionary he is also yields to practicality when he says, "It is a chancy business of NECESSITY."  Just the very proposal of JS3C risked alienating a certain segment of the fan base.  This is remindful of the predicament of exclusivity.  I feel it is an honor to be afforded (sorry!) the opportunity to assume a more active role "in the propulsion system."  There is free will at work here--to be INCLUDED or NOT.  No one is really EXCLUDED until one declines to be a part of the Dream.

As Paul remarked:  "But risk we must take for failing to dream, we waste our lives."


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