Jimmy Herring...sideman?

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Posted by Paul S. on 02/16/02 - 21:33:59
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I have to agree with MC on the Jimmy Herring thing. From what I saw at the New Years shows he certainly was not as "in your face" as much as I would like and have come accoustomed to. He's so fuckin' good IMO that he deserves more space and VOLUME. I love Warren but Jimmy is and has been for at least 10 yrs my favorite living guitar player. I think Phil should consider adding in Jeff Sipe (AKA Apt.Q258)as the 2nd drummer. Now that would be something, if not unstoppable. As for singing, fuck it lets call the whole thing off and LET JIMMY SING ;)I wish we could get some Project Z shows out here on the West coast. I saw them in Asheville, NC a while back and they ripped it up.

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