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Posted by Mission Control on 02/16/02 - 21:08:29
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"Miracle ticket."  That's me being 'funny.'

Most importantly Pter, I'm not offended by your rebuttal(s) ... this is what the board is about.  You have expressed your opinion, eloquently, passionately, vociferously.  As regards my 'ego' - if you don't have one, I recommend getting one.  It is what compels musicians to take the stage, filmakers to film, managers to manage & humans to bear offspring.

Getting back to "FILL" - as stated, I am an ardent, long time fan ... I have put enough time in as a fan & as a professional, to NOT blindly accept EVERYTHING srved up by my "heros."  I lost interest in JS after FAPZ (sorry Scott), and I'M THE MANAGER!  I'm not ashamed of this - it's my opinion, & until they clone me, I shall be entitled to my own opinion.  

P+F brew an interesting concoction of repertoire to be sure, but as stated, I feel JIMMY's talent is being wasted (he's a jazz player for Chrissakes!) & PHIL should NOT sing ... new liver or not.

Am I jealous of their success ... yeah, a little bit ... when genius like RENBOURN, JANSCH, even RICHARD THOMOPSON toiled most of their careers in relative obscurity.  PHISH, PANIC, DMB - none of whom measure up to their forebears in my opinion (& none of whom I can stand) ARE the Mariah Carey's of the so-called jamband scene.  Commecially successful - YOU BET.  Does that make their music better than SOFT MACHINE, AMON DUUL or HAWKWIND - not necessarily.  You realize, this is like talking sports, movies, politics ... it's all in good fun.  There is alot more serious shit going on in the world to consider.  Heck - there's alot more serious shit to consider in the backyard of that crematorium in Georgia ... probably in our own backyards as well.

PS:  Though not a fan of Mariah Carey myself - there is no denying she is immensely gifted.

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