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Posted by Kb on 02/16/02 - 20:33:16
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thanks for your concert review ethel!

the guest jammers for merls party were:-----------

mike lawson and peter kaukonen [great opening duo]

snortin' norton buffalo harp [steve miller band],
apple jack on harp [blues guy]
narada michael walden, drums, [mahavisnu orch, producer]
barry "the fish" melton [public defender, judge]
max gail [actor,wojo from barney miller]
larry vann, drums, [famous jazz drummer]
melvyn seals, organ, [garcia band]
jeff cressman trombone, [currant santana band]
skip mesquite trumpet [vintage tower of power]
merl's nephew tony, vocals
carl locket, guitar, [famous jazz and session guy]
dean johnson drums, [merl band, jefferson starship]
vince littleton, drums, [rainforest band]
john payne [merl band, producer]
tom edwards [merl band]
mariana, vocals
full horn section, congas and percussion
other guitar jammer i did not know
tapes sound great

prob forgot a few people..sorry
a great time was had by all,
[except the obnoxious guest i had removed from the building for way too many reasons]

dozens of cool guests chomping sushi & cake downstairs..
chet helms [avalon], betty jackson [dead producer]
jerylyn [GD family] don, eth, ray, paul s
merl saunders jr. [grammy awards president]
don took great backstage photos and gave them to
me 18 hours after they were taken! thanks!

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