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Posted by Cricket on 02/16/02 - 17:47:35
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You think YOU have problems with it!  

When the new JS tour dates were announced last week & I realized how many shows I might see for free before they even play nearby, the guilt & panic were beyond what I (as a recovering-ex-Catholic) could bear. You think I'm kidding?  Well. 'Twas a dark & stormy night of the soul, & no analyst or priest was standing by; in desperation, I wrote to MC.... I figure, they must call him "Mission Control" for a reason; right?  It was a cry for help. (OK, so the recovery's incomplete.)  I trust that if ever you're in similar straits, you'll find that M.C. has superb counseling skills & is a true friend to a hesitant hedonist.  For instance, he said he'd try to accomodate EVERYONE from JS3C requesting admission to shows, & encouraged me meanwhile to go ahead and let my "hedonistic freak flag fly."  (It's heading straight up to 35,000 feet.)

My other major problem so far (as Kevin so kindly brought to everyone's attention) has to do with getting dressed in the morning & leaving for work on time, when the alternative is to lounge around looking at all the photos or listening to newly posted concert clips.  At least the other stuff we should be able to take out of the house...

Joking aside, I did want to respond to your hesitation about joining JS3C & your having felt put off by its presentation.  I don't know what specifically you found unappealing, but I'm tempted to drag out the cliche about not judging a book by its cover (surely there always will be missteps in launching anything new)...It's also not clear yet -- to me, at least -- what this book IS, & that's a large part of what I find interesting.  

The perqs are nice, but I'm drawn more by the possibilities in our getting to know each other, & becoming more of a base community for this band & the music we love, & for thinking together about the future, & then seeing what happens next.  If our dues contribute to JS's financial security, I'm glad; if they help pay for this site, I'm happy about that too.  To me, joining was a vote of confidence (& expression of thanks) -- addressed not just to the band but to everyone here.  A way of saying: we have something good here that supports us & that's worth our support.

I guess some of us take these tribal bonds very much to heart, huh?


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