Iron Butterfly and "deadhead" confusion

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Posted by don aters on 02/16/02 - 11:58:14
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First of all, JS will not play "We Built This City", that's a Starship tune, not "Jefferson".
Iron Butterfly took off with "In The garden Of Eden, were so fucked up, they finished product was an inaudible "In A Gada DAvida", an anthem that makes my ass hurt and they are as bad now a they were qwhen they walked off the stage after a rousing opening set by a youthful Led Zeppelin.
As for today's and even a deacde before garcia's death, it takes more than a tie-dye shirt and some weed to equate to "The dead head mystique".
I submit that a volunteer with unwavering patience should stand outside the doors of any "Dead" related performance and explain the vast difference between "Dead Head" and Dick Head"
Of course this is strictly a volunteer position but certainly can be justified by the idiots that clamor to the shows and then try and steal your vehicle after it concludes.

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